Simple Teddy Bear Craft for Foster Families

I found the cutest teddy bear craft kit to put inside the welcome basket for foster kids that come to live with me. 

The teddy bear craft kit enables you to make soft teddy bears. It includes a felt, classic look teddy bear to sew. It's simple and makes for a quick, simple bonding activity to do together. The activity addresses a few areas:

  • Ice breaker.
  • Something of their own, quiet time to talk.
  • A positive memory.
  • Creating a line of communication.

Few things to know:

1. It includes a useful stitching guide you can refer to when doing a project that includes different techniques. I am using a beginner sewing kit, and the needle is plastic and a simple stitch.

2. Each kit contains all the necessary components. The plastic needle, yarn thread, die-cut felt, peel and stick wiggle eyes, stuffing, and mini key ring.

3. My favorite part is that it's an inexpensive, no-mess activity that we can do together or on their own. 

4. This kit will stimulate their creativity and is fun and easy to use. Kids will enjoy “learn to sew” hours crafting fun in their new home.

This kit is very useful for those who love to spend their leisure time making some decorative and fun items. The time spent could also be the first step in easing fears and beginning the healing process. 

There are different craft kits available such as: 

  • art and crafts kits, 
  • holiday craft kits,
  • ceramic craft kits, 
  • cross-stitching kits, 
  • home and garden craft kits, 
  • paper craft kits, 
  • knitting or crochet craft kits, 

And a lot more from which you can choose once you see their skill and interest. Get a kit here:

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