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Affirmations are a powerful tool for improving your life and boosting your mental health. Daily affirmations are an excellent way to start the day with positive thoughts that will carry you through the rest. The power of daily affirmations is undeniable, but how do they work? In this blog post, we will explore how daily affirmations can change your life and help you live in a more positive state all day long.


Smiling releases endorphins into our brains that make us happier. That is just a small example of how intricately we are connected. 

Our brain is more powerful than we may even realize at times. 

Take a second to imagine how life-changing it would be if you changed the tone in which you speak to yourself. How much happier would you be if your internal dialogue reflected positive affirmations? 

Many people find that affirming your worth and genuinely believing in the nice things you say to yourself can change your life. I am one of those people!

Are you telling yourself, “You are stupid, and nobody likes you”?

Those words only create a negative feedback loop in your brain. The more you say those things, the more authentic they become because of what psychologists call cognitive dissonance.

This theory states that when we experience something contradictory to our beliefs causes discomfort, which can lead to unhappiness or other negative feelings like anger or regret.

I've experienced this in the past! So for me not to feel so bad about feeling bad all the time, I began repeating positive affirmations each morning and night before bed:

For example, “I am sorry for anything hurtful I have done today.”

This affirmation has made me an infinitely better person, 100%.

If you aren't looking into the mirror every day and telling yourself that you are wonderfully made, I challenge you to start today. 

It may feel awkward or seem silly at first. But, give it a few days, and let it become a habit. I guarantee you will see the confidence radiating from yourself after a few weeks. 

Real growth comes from believing in the things you say to yourself and removing the negativity that lives inside your mind.

The transformation in my life was a challenging journey. First, I had to break through the tough exterior that hid all of my negative thoughts and feelings. As soon as I stopped being so self-conscious, everything started getting better for me – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The daily affirmations helped immensely.

“I am strong enough to take on anything.”

If you sit and reflect on all the shortcomings in life, I challenge you to start counting your blessings. Make it a point to find three things to be thankful for daily. They can be simple: I am grateful to have shelter and a heartbeat and find something to be thankful for every day. Eventually, take it a step further and dive deep into the things you're thankful for in life. 

Write these things down or say them aloud during your meditation time. Thank the Universe for each of these things, and remember the world has so much more to offer you. A heart of gratitude in the simplest things will take you much farther when it comes to more enormous challenges and blessings. 

Life will not always be fair or easy. We cannot always control what is happening in our lives, but we can most certainly control how we think about things. 

Although it may take some practice, it can be relatively simple to retrain your mind to think in a positive light about every situation you come across. We can control our thoughts and our responses to problems.

If we can choose our thoughts wisely and practice positive thinking daily, the change will be noticeable in our lives and those we love.

Positive thinking is something that can make or break a person's day! Whether eagerly anticipating tomorrow with excitement or regretting what happened yesterday, whatever energy you send into the Universe comes back at you tenfold.

It just might take some time for things to come around if they don't seem to work immediately. The Universe works much faster than human beings do. So take heart as all goodness shall soon manifest itself before us!

The best way to live your life is always looking forward – never backward.

It becomes a natural response when we shift our focus from what we cannot control to what we can. Changing your perspective from the glass being half empty to half full without you realizing it will become natural.


Acknowledge your accomplishments and be grateful for them. Sometimes it's hard to see the good in our lives when we focus on other things that aren't going so well, but one little positive statement can change everything!

Make a daily list.

Glenn Carstens-Peters

It is always beneficial to write down all the wonderful things that happen throughout your day—doing this every night before bed will start noticing more blessings than usual.

Give thanks.

Be thankful for what life has given us instead of complaining about what we don't have; there is no point in dwelling on those negative thoughts because it does not serve any purpose at all.

You will become a person with a positive vision who speaks positive words—being a positive person that not only you will love but will inspire other people as well. 

I encourage you to find positive affirmations specific to who you are as an individual and your own needs. Remind yourself who it is you are. With faith in yourself, all things are possible. 

Renew and retrain your thoughts. 

Until you come up with positive affirmations unique to yourself, here are a few to start with: 

I am worthy.

I am enough.

I am beautiful. 

I am smart. 

I am kind. 

I am strong.

I am a warrior.

I am unique.

I am loved.

Keep these all with you, and know they're true. Write the affirmations on index cards or sticky notes and leave them around to be reminded often. Write them with a dry erase marker on your bathroom mirror so you can repeat them to yourself when you wake up and before bed. 

The best way to reinforce these messages is to repeat them aloud. 

Affirmations Challenge.

My challenge is to start today by speaking positive affirmations to yourself. Smile in the mirror and tell yourself, “I am loved. I am strong.” 

Recognize the beauty in ashes and rise above to allow the light inside you to shine. The world needs more hope, more happiness. 

Let's be a part of it. 

The power of positive affirmations will change your life. So much more can be achieved when you start believing in yourself! It doesn't matter if you're unhappy with where your life is right now because everything starts from within.

Your thoughts create emotions that create actions – you must become skilled at changing those initial negative thoughts into something positive before they can do any damage.

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