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We've talked a great deal about how simple acts of kindness can impact results. They can truly change someone's demeanor and lift their spirits. I want to discuss ways to give back to your community that involve more effort and planning. 

With money, time, or other resources, there are many ways to impact the world and the community around you significantly. The activities I want to discuss may not be for everyone, but they're certainly worthwhile if you can participate. So, let's explore some large-scale random acts of kindness you can take on if you want to provide them. 

Start a Fundraiser

Fundraising is essential and can benefit several causes. Starting or participating in a fundraiser can take significant work and commitment, but the results are usually worthwhile. Set up a fundraiser by getting your school, office, or community involvement. You can impact nationally, depending upon your resources and public interest.

Caroline Selfores

A fundraiser I want to do annually is a luggage drive for children in foster care. As a foster mother, one of the most distressing issues is when a child shows up at my home with their whole world in a trash bag, diaper box, or backpack. It's like they are all that is in one of those items. Moving from place to place, trying to hold on to the little bit they have put into trash bags, breaks my heart. When we have luggage, I think of going on a trip or an adventure, hopefully somewhere lovely and exciting. Opening up my suitcase when I arrive makes me think of fun, and I want them to have that experience. 

Start a Nonprofit

Clark Gibbs

A way to impact on a large scale is to set up a charity or nonprofit organization. It's possible to influence many people when you can benefit from a particular cause through your efforts. To create a nonprofit, you will need a large amount of money and experts like lawyers and financial advisers to begin. You can obtain grants and other funding to help. There may be fewer obstacles than you anticipate. 

With luggage for kids, I will get a co-sponsorship with retail stores, new channels, and child protective services to begin the fundraiser and generate donations to create the nonprofit.


You can do volunteering in your free time. Many people do this. You could gather a group of volunteers, from your work or among friends, to help a cause. You are volunteering for individuals or families going through a hard time, such as a house fire or death—volunteer with an existing organization to help your community, such as cleaning up a local school campus. Volunteering on a large scale can seem intimidating, but getting co-workers, friends, or family to participate is not so bad when many people help. You might be the right person to motivate to make it happen. Give it a try!

If you've ever felt compelled to make a difference in a big way, consider one of these options. With some extra effort, dedication, and resources can expand a simple random act of kindness beyond anything you ever imagined. 

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