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The Good and Better Store is an online store with a simple yet effective website that helps customers find quality products for their homes, clothing, accessories, and stickers. In addition to providing the latest products, they also offer great service and customer support. Their main objective is to provide a quality product, with words that advocate & inspire, that supply foster children with essential needs and compassionate assistance.

My daughter gifted me a shirt from them when the adoption was completed for my two daughters. It is soft, pretty, and comfortable and shares my point of view perfectly. 

Three woman wearing a Goods & Better shirt that says Biological (crossed out), Foster (crossed out, and Adoptive (crossed out) then MOM. They are laughing while the middle woman is touching the pregnant woman on the left baby kicking.

Goods and Better's Values

They believe in the beauty of words & design. They state on their website:

“We are committed to supporting artisans & small businesses. We are devoted to quality. We are obsessed with family.”

We believe in supporting artisans and small businesses.

“We celebrate creative and creations, initiatives and innovations, fair wages and entrepreneurship.”

As a small business owner, I am grateful to partner with a company willing to invest in me and promote entrepreneurship.

We believe in quality.

Excellence is the only measure. The only acceptable standard is customer experience, quality of goods, and undistracted satisfaction. Design expands the heart and eyes to see beauty in all things that instill joy and peace.

We believe in family.

Family is sacred. Our family is our favorite family of all. Family-owned and operated, from vision to design to preparing your order. Our family's love for each other and our products touch every part of our business.

I am obsessed with family, not just mine but the families in my community and foster families. I have the heart to serve and am happy to purchase from a company that shares those same values.

Women's, Men's, Homes, Accessories, and Stickers


We believe in our mission.

Our mission is the driving force behind Goods & Better.

Goods & Better partners with Foster the Family, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that serves children in foster care and the families caring for them. A half million. The number of children currently in foster care. The number of children who've experienced abuse or neglect, who've experienced being removed from family & home. Foster, the family, provides children entering foster care with FosterCare Packages that include new clothing & pajamas, personal hygiene necessities, and comfort items. Foster, the family also provides holistic, wrap-around care to foster families through support groups, special events, and other resources.

You choose your impact.

Your Goods and Better purchase brings some better to a child entering foster care through our partnership with Foster, the Family.

Buy it Forward

Buy your goods: Browse around and buy something you love, then choose your impact: 

Your purchase helps us provide essential items to children entering foster care. We donate and deliver items to give them a better start in their new home.

Comfort: Blankie, Teddy Bear, or Plush Throw

Clothing: Outfits, Pajamas, Socks, and Underwear

Support: Education, Support Group, & Special Events

Baby Bundle: Bottle, Formula, and Pacifier

Words have power and life. So we celebrate declarations of advocacy and truth, branded across bodies, printed on pages, and scribbled on doorposts—written language for our hearts and all the world to see.

Design expands the heart and eyes to see beauty in all things that instill joy and peace.