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Medication for Foster Children

As a parent, my heart breaks when my kids are sick. So, naturally, we want them to get better as quickly as possible; the quickest way is with the medicine of some kind.

The problem arises when your foster child does not like their medicine and refuses to take it. While you will give your foster child what the doctor prescribes, don't be afraid to ask about the taste. Most pharmacies will add flavoring for free if you ask. If your foster child refuses to take a certain kind of medicine, see if they can offer something different.

We can force them to take their medicine, but that causes unnecessary trauma, and if she gets upset enough, she will spit it out anyway. Then you may not know how much they have taken.

Anything you can do for your foster child to make it easier for them to take their medicine will get them healthier quicker and save you and them from some unpleasant moments.

If allowed liquid medication doesn't taste good, I will mix in a drink to mask the taste; it seems to help. I have not used a spoonful of sugar, but I have heard that it allows the medicine to go down.

You can plug your child's nose, so they have to open their mouth and then slip the medicine in their mouth. If you are quick, it works most of the time, but that doesn't solve the problem if they hate their chewable or can't swallow pills easily.

I have no shame in resorting to bribery with the nasty-tasting chewable medicine. We got whip cream, and my daughter would have a spoonful of whip cream followed by the chewable, then another spoonful. The only way this works is if your foster child likes whip cream. But you can try candy if you have to.

When it comes to swallowing pills, that is sometimes tough for foster children to learn how to do. However, I have found that placing the medicine in a spoonful of applesauce or whip cream makes it easier for my daughter to get the pill down without choking.

I hope these tips help. First, make sure you are firm when it comes to medicine. Tell them the medication must get into their tummy to make them feel better. But that doesn't mean you can't be sympathetic and follow the dosage with much attention and love.

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