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I'm sure you've received a random act of kindness. Think about when someone helped you out of a challenging situation or paid you a compliment. A sweet surprise like this can make a difference. Did you also know these experiences can improve your health and well-being? Random acts of kindness can be selfless acts, loving words, good deeds, or a small gift. A smile can brighten someone's day and be a benefit of random acts of kindness. 

Encourage Gratitude 

Being grateful for your blessing can have you do something nice for someone when the receiver of your act is less fortunate or in a tough spot. When you're able to give even the slightest bit of yourself to someone else, it shines a perspective on the abundance you have in your life. 

Lower Stress

Focusing on someone else is an excellent way to gain a renewed mindset. Doing something good for someone makes you feel good inside. It releases endorphins, increases your happiness, and makes your troubles seem less stressful.  

Improve Your Mood

When people engage in random acts of kindness, numerous studies have shown a positive effect on people's moods. You feel better about life when you do good deeds. Random acts of kindness improved mood, less anxiety, and higher energy levels. Research demonstrates that the pleasure and reward centers of the brain light up with these acts the same way they respond in the recipients. 

Less Pain

When you practice kindness, you might even feel physically better. This is because endorphins production in the brain and nervous system, referred to as natural pain killers, are released after doing something nice for someone.

Better Relationships

Random acts of kindness boost good feelings among people, increase connections, and naturally recall that act with fondness. These feelings can lead to stronger bonds and longer-lasting interpersonal outcomes. These are a handful of rewards from random acts of kindness, and it doesn't matter how small the gesture is; doing good always makes a positive difference to both the giver and the receiver. 


If doing random acts of kindness is new to you, you may not know how to begin. Coming up with ideas can be tricky, which is why today's blog is full of ideas to make someone else's day a little brighter. Some activities will cost nothing and take only a few moments, and others will be more in-depth. Choose what fits your comfort level and allow these examples to inspire you. 

  • Hold a door open for the person behind you. 
  • Allow a shopper in the grocery line to move in front of you. 
  • Check on an elderly neighbor. 
  • Donate your old clothes. 
  • Attach change to a vending machine or parking meter 
  • Sit with a new employee at lunch.
  • Volunteer at a nursing home, a shelter, or a soup kitchen.
  • During the holidays, give gifts to a child or family in need.
  • Send a card to someone for no reason. 
  • Ask for donations to a charity in your name instead of presents for your birthday. 
  • Smile at someone on the street and compliment them.
  • Pay for the car behind you in a drive-through line.
  • Report to a store manager when an associate gives you excellent service. 
  • Leave positive notes in the dressing room to encourage body positivity. 
  • Offer to babysit for new parents to help with the nightly feedings.
  • Clean up the trash in your neighborhood beach or park. 
  • Visit a nursing home to bring treats. 
  • Write a thank-you note to someone who's impacted you significantly. 
  • Fundraise by participating in a sponsored activity at a local school.
  • Mow the lawn, rake leaves, shovel the driveway, or neighbors who may struggle to do it themselves. 
  • Mentor a person entering your area of expertise.
  • Listen to someone who is having a bad day.

This quick list will hopefully inspire you to begin sharing random acts of kindness with those around you. Please pick one from the list or come up with an idea of your own, then do it. See how you feel; chances are you'll be ready to do another tomorrow.

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