Lockers for Foster Children in Middle School
Lockers for Foster Children

For parents, late July, August, and early September represent more than summer ending, cooler weather, and fall foliage. It's time to think about returning to school and trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Prepare your child, regardless of whether they are in Kindergarten or a senior in high school; it's time to make moving from summer fun to school days easier.

Middle School for Children in Foster Care

Many sixth graders attend a new school for their middle school years. The campus is often larger and intimidating. Take a bike ride or a walk to the campus before school starts. Most middle schools have orientation a couple of days before school starts to pick up class schedules and meet their teachers. Attending the orientation will go a long way in easing any anxiety in your middle schooler.

1. In middle school, it is important to have all the school supplies ready, especially an organizer or binder. Some schools require the students to purchase a planner directly from the school. Parents should make it a habit from day one of checking it and ensuring homework assignments are complete. Then, visit the school website and check homework and grades. Stay active with your child's progress throughout the year.

2. If your student struggles with math or English basics, hire a tutor for review sessions before and during the first semester. It is common for middle school students who excel to move to Honors classes during the year. Finally, enrolling in an accelerated class prepares a student for Advanced Placement (AP) classes in high school, which count as college credit.

Volunteer, make yourself known and be a presence at the school. Volunteering to help in the computer lab in middle school is important. Many Parent Teacher Associations have meetings in the evening, so more parents can attend. In addition, some activities require volunteers to call parents in the evening for fundraisers.

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