Journaling is an easy way to increase happiness, gratitude, and mindfulness. It can also help you discover hidden thoughts that are causing stress in your life. There are many kinds of journals: daily journals, bullet journals, habit tracker journals, etc. However, each type of journal has room for some gratitude!

Even though you may think you need a fancy notebook or pretty pens to get started, you don't! Sometimes starting something new can be paired well with fancy tools and accessories, but the best part about journaling is you can do it however you prefer. 

Maybe you'll choose to start in a Google document, but someday you'll switch over to a notebook. Then, of course, you can also grab a scrap piece of paper, fill out your prompt and shove that in a jar to read for later. Or you can journal right in the Notes app of your phone.  

Being grateful doesn't have to be fancy; it's almost better to have your journal on your phone or in your pocket so you can journal whenever the urge strikes. 

Gratitude can be found in the big moments, down to the smallest ones. Your mind is a beautiful tool to help you appreciate the world around you and the things in your life that you might have glanced over before. 

It's like when you're on a long road trip and think about a yellow car. Maybe you've seen one or two along your way, but you've driven by so many since you started thinking about it. That's because you're subconsciously looking for yellow cars now. 

Do the same with gratitude. You'll notice that being consciously grateful for things every day, no matter the size, will become second nature for you. 

Gratitude journal prompts are great beginning exercises for newbies who want to start journaling and dive into the world of gratitude because they also provide structure with room for creativity. 

Beginner journalers can use these questions as inspiration before jotting down their unique thoughts. So even if you don't have any answers when you first read the question, that's okay. 

Keep looking within yourself until you find the correct answer, or alter the question to suit you better. The best time to start is now. If you don't feel inspired, steal some ideas from the list below, and keep going. Eventually, you'll find things that you'll want to write about each day.

Knowing what to write or writing prompts for yourself can be challenging when first starting. No worries, plenty of ideas below will get you started and inspired. Here are 27 of the best journal prompts about gratitude so you can begin your journaling journey.

Gratitude journal prompts:

  1. Who is someone who makes you feel loved? Why?
  2. Jot down three things that made you smile today.
  3. Name one reason that you love your body.
  4. What is your favorite quality about yourself?
  5. Name something that made you laugh today.
  6. What is your favorite part of each morning?
  7. What challenges have you faced that turned out to be a good lesson?
  8. Share some positive news that you've received recently!
  9. Name an event that you're excited to attend or celebrate.
  10. What is your favorite memory?
  11. What is the best compliment you've received?
  12. Why are you excited to begin or continue journaling?
  13. What is one personal strength that makes you grateful to have it?
  14. What is one song that makes you always dance?
  15. Name something about or in that you are thankful for in your home?
  16. Think about the next 24 hours and write down one thing you are looking forward to doing.
  17. Name a quote that resonates with you right now or makes you smile. Why does it have meaning for you?
  18. How can you show gratitude towards yourself, even if it's small?
  19. Something you love about your job or career path.
  20. Your favorite mistake that ended in a great lesson or experience
  21. What is your favorite day of the week, and why?
  22. What is something you have to be grateful for regardless of how your day was?
  23. Name a song that makes you feel nostalgic. Why does it make you think of this time in your life? 
  24. Who has been an inspiration to you lately, and why?
  25. What makes you beam with pride?
  26. What is one of the most beautiful things you've seen recently?
  27. Are there little moments from your day that deserve a journal entry but didn't get one? 

There is an abundance of different journaling prompts that can help you find gratitude in your daily life. However, these journal ideas are great for beginners to get the ball rolling with their gratitude journals.

Gratitude helps you find more of the good in life. It's a simple concept with a significant impact. So whether it's journaling or simply thinking about what makes you grateful daily, make sure to be thankful! 

Remember that each moment has its positives, and every day holds something to cherish. It's up to you to find them. 

The journaling process can take time to get used to, but research shows gratitude journaling is most effective when practiced consistently. 

When starting, set a goal. Then, your journal can be a place to practice gratitude at any moment. 

You can write in it daily for a week, 30 days, or however long you'd like. Or, you can write in it when you're feeling inspired or need an extra dose of gratitude in your life. After practicing gratitude journaling for a few days or weeks, you'll see noticeable changes in your overall attitude and mindset towards life.

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