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Teens with ADHD have a complicated life. The symptoms are often so few that you may not even realize it's ADHD. You may feel something is different about them and brush it off as just being a teenager. ADHD is a learning and behavior disability much more than a temper tantrum when they are five years old. Kids in care can have this condition undiagnosed or mislabel as trauma due to environmental circumstances. ADHD teens face many issues throughout their childhoods and well into their adult lives. So what can we as parents do for teens with ADHD?

As parents, here are some suggestions of what you can do to help.

Testing. If your teen struggles with remaining focused, they seem bright but fail tests. Suppose they are challenged with some simplest tasks but excel with more complex ones. They may have ADHD. Talk to your pediatrician about how to get them tested for ADHD.

Medication. Medication is available to help with ADHD. Medicine has its good and bad sides. Determine the benefits of taking the would-be before committing. It can give some children clarity, self-control, and self-confidence. For others, it can feel like a heavy weight and make them feel slowed down and depressed, and it doesn't provide a noticeable benefit.

Time. Many teens with ADHD will do well if given enough time to finish tasks. Discussing your child's school and their condition and perhaps discussing creating a 504 Plan is essential. Then, the school can provide extra help and encouragement.

Take the time to understand what they are going through as a teen with ADHD. Unless you have this condition yourself, you must realize it is hard, and it is not their fault they can not pay attention. Realize that they want to understand what the teacher is saying. And, these things frustrate them as much as it frustrates you. Take the time to understand.

ADHD teens need learning help and emotional support. The teen years are already complicated. But unfortunately, teens with ADHD have it even more complicated.

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