Collect Moments Not Things Quote
Collect Moments Not Things Quote

December marks a time of diverse and vibrant holiday celebrations worldwide. This month stands out for its rich array of multicultural events. Let's explore various traditions!

Multicultural Events and Celebrations

This year, the following multicultural events and celebrations will take place:

Ethnic people gathering near bonfire during religious ritual
Religious Ritual

Celebrating Christmas Globally: 

Explore diverse holiday recipes like Benne cakes, learn various ways to say “Merry Christmas,” and discover Christmas customs from different countries. Check out a Christmas around the world map and delve into the exciting world of Kwanzaa, one of the fastest-growing holidays.

  • Activities for Kwanzaa
  • Label a map of Africa
  • Create a Kwanzaa game
  • Design colorful flags
  • Weave a Kwanzaa mat

Discover Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, through activities like:

  • Listening to the Hanukkah story
  • Crafting a Noah's Ark Hanukkah card
  • Playing the classic Dreidel game
  • Reading Hanukkah books aloud
Top View of a Family Praying Before Christmas Dinner
Praying Before Holiday Dinner

Engage with Pancha Ganapati, the family festival of giving, where each day is dedicated to celebrating one of the five faces of Pancha Ganapati.

  • Find out what each of the five days entails
  • Learn to make Vadai
  • Explore Hinduism: Fact vs. Fiction

Dive into global Christmas traditions and spirit and celebrate the rich tapestry of December's multicultural holidays!

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